If You Read Nothing Else Today, Read This Report On Canary Islands, Lanzarote

The Canary Islands certainly are a cluster of Spain’s most popular and renowned Islands, commonly tainted with misconceptions of being a paradise for booze fuelled, beach obsessed Lanzarote Uk youth. However this archipelago actually has a great deal to offer and discovering the real Canary Islands suggests a vastly different outlook on Canary culture.

The Canary Islands are group of Spanish islands situated just off the north coast of Africa. Because of their location they are subject to equatorial weather conditions, which gives them the added advantage of almost guaranteed sunshine 365 days a year. They have a long and complex history, with evidence of Neolithic settlements across the islands. The Canaries have also been visited or invaded by a number of races including the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Arabs, Europeans and Portuguese. Each invader has left remnants of their culture behind, reflected in the eclectic cuisine, architecture and numerous festivals of the islands today.

For those looking to incorporate a natural angle into their sun holidays, the Canary Islands are filled with fascinating and unusual both on, below the l and wildlife. There are four national parks, two of which have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The other two are recognised as World Biosphere Sites, reflecting their ecological importance. These are regularly visited by tourists on nature trek holidays, where they can see over 600 endemic species of flowers, birds like the Blue Chaffinch (photo) and Tenerife Ringlet and animals including geckos and the El Hierro Giant Lizard.

On the island of Tenerife which usually is both Canary Islands’ and Spain’s most populous island, it is a major tourist destination, with over 12 million visitors per year. The volcanic nature of the islands have created several ‘natural beaches’ manufactured from fine dark shingle or sand which provide a few of the Canary beaches a unique look.

This island is known for its fun nightclubs and bars. There are many golf courses you can enjoy playing golf in. You can also go scuba diving because the waters are clear and the reefs are very beautiful here.

The island’s very own sport – Canarian wrestling comes from the history of the ‘Guanches’; the island’s original inhabitants. It is thought that the sport originated around 1420, however only a few of these early rules and techniques have survived to modern times. The sport became part of the islands’ folklore, usually being fought at celebrations or local festivals. It is said to be one of the earliest defined kinds of wrestling. You can still find matches being held in some Canarian towns today.

Take the diving trip of a lifetime in the Canary Islands and you might be fortunate enough to get a glance of one of the largest hard-shelled turtles in the world – the endangered Loggerhead Turtle. Adult males reach approximately three feet long and have a lifespan of 47-67 years.

In the old town of Puerto de la Cruz you will find the impressive natural salt water swimming pools designed by the famous architect/landscaper Cesar Manrique. The breath-taking Lido Martianez includes 7 pools, changing facilities, subtropical trees and plants, a huge fountain, a jacuzzi, playground equipment, restaurants, and even an underground dance hall and casino.Lanzarote


Three Tips To Travel To China Much Better While Doing Other Things

China is home to the best hostels in the world, I’ll be sad to leave them at the rear of. Most places with any tourist attractions will have a plethora of hostels to stay in, generally speaking a dormitory bed costs around 25-50 RMB ($4-$8), with private twin/doubles costing around 100 RMB ($15).
No matter what season of year, there is always a place in China that is worth visiting. I’ve journeyed in the dead of winter and in the heat of the summer – both encounters have had their ups and downs.
Public transportation is widely available and effective in China. As town populations swell, more and more Chinese cities are investing in light-rail and underground metro systems. But outside of about a dozens of major cities (including Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Nanjing), you’ll mostly be getting around by either city shuttle bus or taxi.
In certain cities, you’ll also see rickshaws and motorbike taxis waiting around outside bus and train stations. But unless you’re a good haggler (and have an idea of how much a fare should be), I’d avoid them since they’re prone to overcharging.
When traveling within cities, I prefer to take the train whenever possible. But if tickets are sold out or a place is unavailable by train, your next smartest choice is to travel by long-distance bus or car. The good news is that China provides pumped considerable money in to modernizing their road network in recent years. After traveling directly from India to China once, I has struck by how modern and clean China’s airports, train channels, and roads were. The bad news is that much of the huge and countryside country is still unpaved.
In comparison to rail travel, long-distance busses in China are less expensive and more available. But the downsides are that they’re not as comfortable, slower, and are very likely to break down compared to trains. Worse, road travel is more harmful. And your driver – who also might be talking on his mobile phone while passing cars like a Nascar driver on amazingly meth – won’t perform much to boost your comfort level. And they’re often noisy too (e. g. constant horn-honking, Chinese DVDs blared in ungodly volumes).
Through the south of China the wet season has begun, which can be a bit of a hassle but at the same time could enhance your trip with early morning mist which can be magnificent in places like Guilin and Yunnan.
Exactly like the different classes of locomotives, there are different types of bus providers. These range from the cheapest, most crowded ones that stop frequently to express buses with reclining seats to over night sleeper buses with cramped mini-bunks (I prefer the train when possible but sometimes these buses are the best option). These long-haul buses (often overnight) will sometimes have got a toilet on the tour bus; they’ll at least end for a bathroom break about once every 3-4 hours. Random note: if you’re wondering what they’re yelling in you about when you get on, they’re telling you to take your shoes off prior to getting in!
Meant for shorter routes, you may find mini-buses, which seat about 20 people. But they can take a long time since they usually wait till it’s completely full prior to leaving (to maximize their particular profits).
Revealed phone: if you have a mobile phone that is out of contract, learn how to unlock it for your journey to China (for example, here’s a tutorial on how to uncover your AT&T iPhone ). All you have to do once you arrive is buy a cheap SIM card (which is easy to do) and you have an instant ability to communicate. Or, if you’re not out of contract, simply bring the phone and connect via Wifi when obtainable (although I suggest you also get a VPN in China for protection reasons ).
Such as the April and May months, Sept and October is one more excellent time to visit China. Places like Xinjiang, that are normally blazing hot in the summer and still a bit too cold in spring, are in ideal season.
China is a huge country but the transportation links are good, and if you are willing to rough it, they can be quite cheap. A 10 hour bus will run around 65 RMB ($10), while a 10 hour train will certainly run at 50RMB ($8) for a hard seat or 120RMB ($20) for a hard sleeper. So if you’re tightening up your budget, use a train and take the seat!
Even though it varies from town to city, taxi prices are usually fixed for the first 3-5 kilometers, after that somewhere around Y2-3 for each additional kilometer. Make sure they turn on their meter, otherwise get out immediately (See Scams ). No need to tip either.
Honestly, there isn’t really a bad place to visit during these months, which is why September and October are such popular travel several weeks here in China.
Finally, we’re left with the winter season. Most people try to avoid traveling to China during the winter but the truth is that there are some great places to visit between the months of Nov and March. Most of these areas are in the southerly, including Hong Kong, Macau, Hainan, Yunnan and others.
A China Travel Guide Book can be incredibly helpful in your journey, the only is actually that their heaviness can also be quite a burden. Thankfully most major travel publishers performing eBook version of their guides so you can download the travel guide (with maps) onto your iPad, Android or Kindle. The same applies to individual city guides, which may be helpful if you’re spending a majority of your time in cities like Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong
You can also easily rent your own car in Hong Kong and Macau, but this is also not recommended since they’re crowded and confusing cities (and also compact with good the systems).
What is your favorite season or month to visit China? Why?

Here Are 9 Ways To Travel To India

Planning a trip to India and not visiting the beaches cannot complete your vacations things to do list in the most exotic place as India. The amazingly beautiful natural surroundings along the beaches with deep blue waters and green forests surely make them a heaven on earth! If you have really come to the place for peace of mind then what could be more relaxing then just laying down the sand on the beach with sounds of water and cool winds blowing. This imposes a strict space limit on you and saves you from extra baggage fees. They also are simpler to handle than roll-away bags on India’s uneven streets.
Despite India’s peculiar reputation for unsanitary conditions, the Centers for Disease Control’s health recommendations are for the most part standard for Asia. In addition to the standard battery of shots, the CDC recommends typhoid and polio, and anyone pursuing outdoor adventure sports should add rabies and Japanese encephalitis. In addition, anyone not trekking in the Himalayas should bring antimalarial medication, as well as deep-woods insect repellent for both malaria and other insect-borne diseases. Indian tap water should be treated as suspect throughout the country.
Few of the other beaches that you could look forward to visiting if you have more time to stay along with your friends or family are as follows. These are popular in their own respective way and provide for that engagement and thrill you wanted.
One of the scenically beautiful places is the Kovalam along the Arabian Sea which is very famous for its coconut trees all around adding to its charm! The beach is amongst the top 10 for the kind of attraction it serves with the 3 most amazing points: the Light House Beach with beams lashing on the rivers, the Hawah Beach with fishing activities and the Samudra Beach with a big promontory which looks really exciting.
So, let’s get down to the how, where, and what.
You have a few options on how to visit India, as well as how to get around. If you want to travel over a sizable area trains are your best option then. You might have the image of a seriously packed carriage in your mind, but rail travel has come a long way since then, and now you will find comfortable and roomy carriages, which need to be booked in advance, so a little pre-planning is needed here.
Marina Beach, Chennai and takes away the need to find your way around. You will find many family-focused companies offering tours to the Taj Mahal, Hindu temples, or into the countryside to find wildlife.
Candolim, Goa
Polish your travel Hindi:
Let’s wind this up! Now you have your visa to visit India on your passport, you have bought your tickets to India and your places and accommodation to visit have been sorted out. All you have to do is fly to India just, get to your hotel and start seeing India. Simple as that!
It’s important to understand the concept of culture shock when traveling to India. First of all, the population of India is enormous, soon to be the largest in the world! No matter where you visit, you will see a lot of people. Second, be prepared to see poverty. Many men, women and children in India live in the streets. For some, seeing real poverty can be shocking, life changing even.
The place of Mahabalipuram is considered as a holy place with temples on the shore of the beaches where thousands of tourists flock all year round. The Arjuna’s Penance with five rathas and the large tiger cave is among the major attractions of the place. Also there is the heritage spot of Dakshinachitra where the traditional dance and culture of the local people of states is demonstrated with great zeal.
India Travel Spots can offer you with more on the list of best beaches in India. access to ATMs and international banks is very easy. Most places also accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards. Carry a reasonable amount of cash and then withdraw regularly. For long stay travelers, getting a bank account is close to impossible. Ensure that Indian friends can help you with online bookings etc so they can be paid by you in cash.

10 Ways To Travel To Italy Without Breaking Your Piggy Bank

There are plenty of people who can’t quite stomach the idea of a winter trip to Italy – no matter how good the deals are – because they want at least a little bit of nice weather when they’re on vacation.
If you’ve already booked your trip to Italy this fall, check out our walking tours to get an incomparably genuine taste of Italian art, culture, and history.
The white truffle is harvested in the fall. This delicious fruit of the woods grows in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. In the city of Alba the white truffle market is in full swing through October and November. White truffles are sold for astonishing prices in the market, and the delicious scent of the truffle wafts everywhere.
Sagre, sagre everywhere
With such diversity of natural scenery, there is plenty to see and do all year. April to June and September to October are blissfully warm and dry with abundant flora. But bear in mind that August can get hot and many local businesses, including restaurants, are closed.
Although spring in Italy used to be reliably mild weather-wise, temperatures have soared in recent years starting in mid-to-late May , so even the month of June can no longer be counted on for nice weather that’s not too hot. Once you get into July and – gasp – August , of course, all bets are off.
Heat Rising in July
Italy is in full bloom
And if you’re a student, remember your ID for the discounts at museums and galleries.
he rich artistic architectural allure will captivate you while the sensational food choices will leave you wanting more. Trying to find that perfect vacation option that appeals to all age levels yet provides intellectual stimulation? Consider the beauty of Italy and the prestige of Florence.
Expect a great diversity of scenery as you walk through this beautiful country, from lush woodland and vineyards, historic ruins set against a backdrop of towering mountains and volcanoes, and islands surrounded by crystal clear waters.
The culture of no other country in the world embraces life with as much zest as the Italian culture. Italy is a country vibrant with emotion, celebration, and opportunities to dive into life at full speed. But it is also a country filled with quiet museums, tranquil hillside vineyards, golden beaches, ancient ruins and hushed cathedrals. Italy, in other words, is a splendid place for a honeymoon.
For those seeking spectacular walks with an component of challenge look no further than Italy’s mountains. The imposing Dolomites offer 1000km of spectacular walking trails, with challenging climbs up the mountains themselves or more relaxed walking below the peaks.
Tuscany is the true gem of the country and lies just north of the centre of the Italian ‘boot’. Bursting with iconic cities, a fascinating culture and some breath-taking scenery, anyone travelling Italy should spend some time in this province, which encapsulates the heart of the country.
It’s not merely New England that gets brightly-colored leaves in the fall! Italy, too, shows off a range of beautiful colors come October. Of course, the best places to see the fall colors are in Italy’s wooded national parks. But even a drive through the countryside of Lazio, Umbria or Le Marche is a feast for the eyes. (Here are 7 gems not to miss in Rome’s region of Lazio !).
Once you’re in Italy here are a few tricks to save as much money as possible.
ravel to Italy which is known as an ultimate resource for a perfect adventure and dazzling nightlife as the cities, the latest picks of restaurants, Italian piazzas, bars and cafes, pizzerias, the nature from Italian national parks, Italian lifestyle, Alps to the breathtaking Islands are quite unique places and to enjoy every bit of them. If you are not aware of important facts and figures for your travel to this hotspot then let all of your worries go as this guide will lead you to enjoy your cheap Italy flights at all the renowned places of this region. Not only the travel & tourism information but an insight into the famous people of Italy, Italian fashion, the culture, history and arts are also a helping hand to give your journey a perfect touch.
Rome, Venice and Florence are the top three most popular cities to visit when you travel to Italy. Hotel prices can really strain your budget; since these are small cities, a good way to save on your hotel bills would be to stay somewhere out of the way, in the suburbs. Italian cities have excellent public transportation, and you would just need to get into the city on a local train every morning to see all the attractions.
Sagre e Ditorni and Sagre in Italia
The relaxing north-easterly province of Piedmont offers sheer natural beauty, with bright sunflowers, oak woodland and delightful villages. Take a trip along the Tanaro River from Benevello, taking in the fresh air and wonderful surroundings.
You will also find an impressive collection of painted dishware and tiles upon your arrival in the region. Extending 50 km alongside the southern banks of the Sorrentine Peninsula is the Amalfi Coast, which is one of the most stunning places of the European continent and a major ceramic shopping hub in Italy.
Whether you are a hiker looking for a new challenge, a walker at one with the water or you enjoy fantastic walks with fine food and drink, Italy has it all.

Visit Lanzarote for the truly unique experience

The view to the sea during the early hours of the morning is always impressive and just the fact that he might be riding in the back of the camel on a dormant volcano … now that’s what I would have gotten. . Unlike active volcanoes on the Big Island of Hawaii, Lanzarote seemed a bit quieter. I mean, how often can one be lying on the sunny beach in the morning, riding on the back of a camel on a dormant volcano in the afternoon just to be having dinner inside one of the many caves of the same volcano? interesting right! From what I gathered, lanzarote (located in the northeast end of the chain Canary Islands) is a great place for couples and families alike. It’s definitely not the same as visiting an exotic destination like Turkey or the Dominican Republic, but it really can hold his own in many ways like these places can … it all just depends on what kind of holiday you are looking for. Do you want to spend your time relaxing on the beach? Nothing wrong with that. Even if you get a bit boring you can take a look at the Santa Barbara Castle, which was built to protect the island from pirate attacks in the old days wicked cool. Even engage in something a little more active, such as walking can be very rewarding as you explore the interesting Mars as “the landscape of the island formed around the volcano. When it comes down to it, Lanzarote is very fresh and has a lot to do to a small island! Once you get to the island it is not too difficult to remain friendly budget either. Rooms start at only $ 60 per night for those who are really aware of your budget as you can get a shelter anywhere on the island for an average of only $ 20- $ 25 per night! Not bad a price to pay for being in a tropical paradise, eh? And when it comes to cooking, the Spanish influence is strong in this island that means you can be sampling many of the delicious cheeses, tapas or one of the special dishes called Canary gofio; a type of flour made from corn, wheat and barley which is used in many of the dishes on the island. Not a fan of Spanish food? Without worries! There is also a strong influence in Latin America and Africa, also when you are looking for local cuisine. After everything I’ve looked in relation to an affordable vacation in a budget-friendly island paradise, I can not wait to fly to Lanzarote myself and explore the mix of amazing places this small island has to offer. Among the existing culture, friendly people and stunning scenery that is sure to have a good time.

How To Travel Alone Without Feeling Lonely

Once you are done with traveling alone adds more great memories and will be happy that you were able to do things when you want and your own pace. It is an experience of a lifetime to get lost in a strange place all by yourself and meet brand new people, cultures, places and experiences. That is worth every second of concern such travel planning and risk you take to see this wonderful world and learn who you are. Definitely you will come back much stronger, wiser and happier.
• Living the moment – finally not ruin his happiest moments of your life just because you are traveling alone. Take a selfie from your smartphone on great places to visit and letting his thousands of friends know what they are experiencing. You will feel great and accomplished. Living in the moment to embrace the experience to heart and soul.
• Dress conservatively -Dress like the locals and wear a friendly smile. Use conservative casual chic clothes and respect the culture and in return you will be respected too. A smile does open up the world for you.
• Stay in family homes or shelters Castells help families settle with the location and lifestyle better than any chain hotels. They provide much better than hotels practical information. Even you may feel that you are in a home away from home. Onceyou have a local family that can never feel that you are alone. Mix with others; start with a smile asking open-ended questions and follow up with questions of detail. Take small gifts from your country to give to their hosts. That can help you build a good relationship with them as possible.
• Look committed and happy and not bored and lose – boring, they look lost and fear may encourage unwanted attention and invite others to take advantage of you. Use your phone or book when you have to wait inactive. If you happen to stay for a few days long er better to join a short for language or kitchen to help you meet the locals and travelers like you course.travel,travel alone
• Pack light – you should be able to manage your belongings yourself easily. Unnecessary burden can make you feel that you are left alone. While having the minimum you should have with you all your basic needs.
research, talk to people who have already been there and know as much as possible and plan your trip. You have to book your accommodation at least for the first few days of your trip. Plan to arrive during the day because they do not have to find your way around an unfamiliar city in the dark alone. Things you need to research sometimes rarely considered choices of food, availability of public transport, traffic signals, if the locals speak English or any other language that can converse with, how soon can buy a connection local mobile or use your connection to wander, free Wi-Fi zones and can be used maps and content online to find their way (how rich the content also matters).
• Be prepared – Above all else matters much preparation to go on a trip problematic. Make much of
Here are my top tips for traveling alone without feeling lonely. These are the tips you’ve been using to travel alone without feeling lonely.
Tips for traveling alone without feeling lonely
You travel could only be intentional to have more excitement, freedom and flexibility or could be intentional but due to factors beyond their control. Regardless of why, going alone need extra pre-planning and preparation for a safe and memorable trip and most importantly to not feel alone and lost. However, we must not do too much planning as well as it will kill the adventure on your trip.

Trains, Subways, and Buses in London: My Voyage to Buckingham Palace

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Elisabeth Miller is a student at Carroll College and an ISA Featured Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Reading, England.

Public transportation. For many, the habits of stepping on to a train or catching a bus are all too familiar activities in their daily lives. Growing up in central Montana, I must admit that my experience with finding my ways through a metropolitan area were somewhat limited to say the least. While it may not seem like one of the big challenges of a new place, navigating a new city like a local doesn’t come easily. After deciding to study abroad at the University of Reading in Reading, England, I gradually acquired insight into the routes connecting my university to London.

A large town, Reading is approximately 45 miles from central London. Within a few days of arriving at the campus, I embarked on my…

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9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Zürich

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Avery Nelson is a student at the University of Denver and an ISA Featured Blogger. He is currently studying abroad with EuroScholars in Zürich, Switzerland.

Leaves, Zurich, Switzerland - NELSON - Photo1

1. It’s the Most Expensive City in the World

Looking at the relationship between price index and purchasing power, Zürich ranks as the most expensive city in the world. Zürich is followed closely by its Swiss neighbor, Geneva, and New York, NY takes third.

Why is Switzerland so expensive? Back in January, Swiss bankers unhinged their currency peg with the Euro, sending the Swiss Franc (the currency used here in Switzerland) soaring upwards in value.

2. It has Europe’s largest church clock face

As a part of the St. Peter Church located in downtown Zürich, the largest church clock face in Europe stands tall. 8.7 meters in diameter and built in 1534, this clock is one of the many historical gems hidden throughout the city.

Clock Face, Zurich, Switzerland - NELSON - Photo 2

3. Albert…

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Red Earth: Cambodia Part One

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_DSC4758 copy

I feel a tap on my shoulder. I wake up and open my eyes to a stewardess smiling at me as she hands me a box of food. I smile back and say thank you. Then I look out the window and there it is, Cambodia. And I get that feeling that I live for again. Wanderlust bliss chills shooting up my spine and reverberating throughout my whole body like golden light echoing through my soul.

Some time later the plane descends, then I find myself on red earth.


I started in Siem Reap. I worked for the first couple of days, writing, editing photos, creating social media content, exploring around town in between and doing my best to keeps a good balance of work and exploration.

Then I meet Tom, a fellow wanderer hailing from New York, who was just fresh off the dust from a little motorbike…

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